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You would not b…

You would not believe the slop that I got fed for breakfast.

How that passes for food is beyond me.

I may be forced to eat the bird…

but I’ll be dreamin’ of these………


Kitty Haiku


my favorite nap
I sleep and dream of fat mice
mice with tasty tails!


feet too fast to see
cold heavy drops falling down
walk fast in the rain


did you see that dog
a drooly hairy fuzzball
boy does he smell bad!


…cream in the dish time!

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There’s a giant spider outside the window. It’s really really big. Really big. Black and yellow and made a lovely web. As much as I like to watch her catch her bugs….I would eat her if I could. And she’s not a bitey spider at all…that’s an easy meal!



it’s important.

Hello world!

Dang. no mice. back to bed………